Dr. Abbas

You are always with me, your sons, grandson, extended family, grateful patients, friends and colleagues. Little Michael Abbas Nahas, now age 7, asked Chris to take him to Heaven to visit you and get a hug from you. Arjoumandi tells me he dreams of you every night and thinks of you every day.
My heart is with you at all times day and night filled with gratitude and love for all the care and love you unselfishly provided to your family.

Doctor Abbas

Our Story

Abbas and Diane Nahas

I am writing this memory almost 15 years in 2022 after I tragically lost my beloved husband of 42 year duration in 2007. I will never forget the moment at about 5 a.m. at the hospital when I asked the doctor about how Abbas was doing. His answer was “No”. I stood there with me for maybe ½ an hour and I was completely frozen, unable to speak as I realized I would never again be able to speak to my best friend, husband, father of our two sons. Finally, the tears came and they still come every day when I wake up, when I go to sleep and at times during the day.


About Dr. Abbas Nahas

His proudest achievement was the award granted by the medical community to a lifelong fellowship membership in the American Medical Association. His mind was supernaturally brilliant; but his body was weakened so that he couldn’t continue to contribute his saving help to all those depending on him. He worked every day of his life until his body failed and medical science and art were unable to let him continue his great works. Tears come to me as I write about this awful end to a beautiful man.


Abbas surrounded by loving children-relatives before leaving Damascus for his trip to New York June 1962

Abbas and future heart surgeon, Majed Zakaria just arrived in New York in June 1962
Greg’s legal brief for presentation in the U.S. Supreme Court