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A Beautiful Poem by his friend

Nader Shaker


My dear Friend Abbas
From Nader Shaker

Date: August 25, 2007

Dedication to the soul of a great man

I said good buy with tears, and I am I am in pain from what destiny brought.

He was a hard-working man till the end.

The whole world is crying for loosing him.

He spent his life with a strong will.
When he left us it feels like there is no more daylight.

If you ask anyone who knows him about his life he would tell you how great man and how knowledgeable he was.

And he would tell you about his hope in life and about his good heart.

Though his life and death history was written.

Abbas when you left us all your loved ones are sad and missing you so much.

And when you departed the house looks empty even though it is occupied.

The period I knew him since I met him it was always light or shine.

People tell me to be patient I said I am patient but tears still in my eyes.

So I send my greeting to you Abbas and I wish you peace and good company.