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Letter To Abbas

Diane Nahas

July 4, 2007

My dearest, most precious Angel Abbas.

You are my destiny, my love, my hero, my ideal, my husband, my best friend in life, my guardian angel, my protector. I think back on your love and commitment to me and our children and just get on my knees and thank God for the gift of you. Your love has been the fuel of my life’s energy. You put me, our children ahead of your precious, magnificent, beautiful, self. We don’t feel worthy of the power of your dedication.

We aim to be worthy.

I promise to spend my remaining life to earn your praise. I also hope to join you ASAP to continue our interconnected paths in life and death.

Mother UmAbbas observed that our names were written on each other’s foreheads before birth. That means I need to come to you. I want to come to you.

My life here is a life of sobs, tears, misery and hopelessness. My one desire is to stay with you; continue our lifelong conversation, kid around, share our thoughts.

You are my guiding light, my rationale, my raison d’etre.

How do you expect me to go on without your presence?

My beloved, precious angel Abbas: I keep reliving your moments of suffering. I wish this suffering on myself as your partner to share and diffuse the torture you underwent. I relive every moment of horror that you courageously endured every day, all day during your prolonged affliction.

Your life of excellence entitled you to the rewards of happiness and continued existence with your wife, sons and medical practice. Impossible for me to understand why you needed to suffer as you suffered when you are an angel of mercy for your family, friends, patients and total strangers.

You endured your suffering as the hero that you are. Only a hero of your caliber would never complain and accept the horrors you were doomed to accept.

I never thought you would or could succumb. I fully believed you would come back to me and to our children and our lives, no matter what; regardless of the obstacles.

Every moment of my life is consumed with Dr. Dholakia’s pronouncement of “No” that morning on May 2 at 5 a.m. I just sob and cry at this horrible remembrance

Dearest Beloved, Precious Angel Abbas, my beloved,

I will never forget your achievements, your outstanding brain powers, your commitment to excellence, personal honor, family, friends.

I love you, adore you and honor you to my last breath. You canl never die in my heart. The imprint of your life and work is eternal.

My desire is to come to you at the soonest time that God permits.

I think back on our lives together: our work lives, our financial commitments, our trials in schools and with licensures. I relive our moments of joy in one another’s company. Without you, life for me is a void. Sure, I am proceeding with life’s chores; but my longstanding identity as your partner is ruined.

Precious angel Abbas: Come back home.

Diane Mrtak